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GPS User Training Conducted by Mehmet Emin AKKAS at our Institute
On August 22, 2016, one of our Institute Researcher Mehmet Emin AKKAS gave a seminar on “Using GPS” in the institute meeting room.

Deputy Director of our Institute, Hacer SEMERCI, and technical personnel attended the seminar.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is being used intensively in monitoring of the research projects being carried out in our Institute Directorate. The use of GPS, actively used by our researchers, were promoted by re-viewing beginner level features of GPS and introducing some advanced features. The differences between "Global Mapper" and "Map Source" apps and their use in mapping applications of GPS data were explained in details. Entering "Grid System" and "Datum" information appropriately were also mentioned.

The seminar on using GPS will be continued at a later date by Mehmet Emin AKKAS.