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Nursery Studies of Our Research Project to Investigate the Drought Tolerance of Taurus Fir (Abies cilicica) Populations Completed

​The second phase of the research project, numbered 23.1614/2018-2022 and named “Comparison of Inter- and Intrapopulation Drought Tolerance Response of Abies cilicica by Means of Some Morphological Features and Candidate Genes for Drought Stress”, was completed. At this stage, the sowing of the seeds of the populations and the identification of each family by coding were done. In this process, the seeds taken from all families were planted with two replications, and a total 50 tubes were used where each replicate has 25-seedling tube. There were three seeds in each tube and there will remain one seedling, by thinning in each tube some time later.  Saplings will be grown up to two years of age.