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Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal YIGITOGLU's Daughter and Grandson Visits the Institute
​Ayten Ulker YIGITOGLU and Atilla YIGITOGLU, daughter and grandson of Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal YIGITOGLU respectively, who was of one the doyens of forestry community, visited Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, Institute Director, in his office. The members of YIGITOGLU Family then visited the library which was named as "Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal YIGITOGLU Library" in the memory of him. Ayten Ulker YIGITOGLU, who looked at the books written by his father in the library, expressed his satisfaction and thanked to Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, on behalf of the Institute Directorate.
Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal YIGITOGLU was born in Amasya in 1902. Prof. Dr. YIGITOGLU studied his undergraduate in Istanbul Forest Academy and his Ph.D. in Dresden Tharant High School of Forestry in Forest Economics and Forestry Management. He gave service in the Forestry Organization as follows: Antalya 1st Forest Management Group 2nd Class Engineer Assistant, Istanbul 2nd Forest Management Engineer Buyukdere Forest Operative Officer, Istanbul Forest Management Group Engineer, Ankara High Institute of Agriculture Institute of Forestry Chief Engineering and Professorship, Institute of Forestry Directorate and High Institute of Agriculture General Clerkship. Prof. Dr. YIGITOGLU died on 13 October 1955.