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Business Process Basic Training Given in GDF Sogutozu Campus
​The training meetings of the project titled "General Directorate of Forestry Business Process Analysis" were held with the participation of Zekeriya MERE, Dpt. General Director, in the General Directorate of Forestry Sogutozu Campus on January 15-16, 18, 2018. At the opening speech, MERE emphasized the significance of the project by saying that as a result of the project the organization will have more dynamic structure.

In the training meeting of the project being carried out by the Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute Directorate under the coordination of the Strategy Development Department Presidency, "Business Process Basic Training" was given under the management of the Director of our Institute, Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, to the Unit Coordinators and Unit Technical Personnel from the units within the framework of the project which are all units in the General Directorate HQ, total four research institutes -three of which work nationwide and Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute and Ankara Regional Directorate.

We wish this project, which is carried out by our Institute Directorate, to be good for our whole organization.