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An Agreement for the Second Phase of the Mistletoe Project Signed Between GDF and Mistlebiotech
Within the scope of the letter of intent signed in 2014 between General Directorate of Forestry and Gyeongsangbuk-Do Provincial Government, the project titled the phytochemical and bioactivity profiling of Viscum album L. (mistletoe) species growing in Turkey was successfully concluded. Upon the invitation of the General Directorate of Forestry, Prof. Dr. Jong-Bae KIM, CEO of Mistlebiotech Co. Ltd., and Bekir KARACABEY, General Director of GDF, had a talk related to the patent applied for the result of the project.
CEO of Mistlebiotech Co. Ltd., Jong-Bae KIM, and Dr. Ahmet IPEK, Deputy General Director, on behalf of GDF signed an agreement on the second phase of the project titled the studies on the properties of lectin and other components in mistletoe in Turkey.
We wish this agreement to be beneficial to both parties.