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Institute Visits Nejat GIRAY, Senior in Forestry
​Nejat GIRAY, born in 1934, completed his elementary school in Luleburgaz. After completing his middle and high school in Canakkale, he started his undergraduate education in Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry and also finished his master's in the same program. He began his career as a Forestry Engineer, M.Sc. in Kirikkale in 1960.
Nejat GIRAY was sent twice to France for professional internship in 1996 and 1972. GIRAY, who was the Director of Western Black Sea Forestry Research Institute in Bolu, lastly served as the Head of Division of Forest Management and Yield at the Central Anatolian Forestry Research Institute in Ankara and retired in 1999.
During his retirement, he also published his 3rd book of poetry called "Secret Flower".