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Prof. Dr. Ibrahim SARACOGLU Visits GDF
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim SARACOGLU, Principal Consultant of the President of Turkish Republic, visited General Directorate of Forestry.
On behalf of the General Directorate of Forestry Dr. Ahmet IPEK, Deputy General Director, welcomed Prof. Dr. SARACOGLU. M. Zafer KALAYCI M.D., Head of Traditional and Complementary Medicine Department in the Ministry of Health, was also a part of the visiting group.
Prof. Dr. SARACOGLU was informed especially about Medical Aromatic Plants (MAP) and other activities carried out by the Department of Non-Wood Forest Products and Services.
Our Institute Director, Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, gave a presentation on ginseng and mistletoe R&D projects carried out within the frame of the collaboration agreement between General Directorate of Forestry and the South Korea.
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim SARACOGLU ended his visit by stating that he was highly influenced by the studies and expressed his gratitude to the Ministry.