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Officials from Iranian Forestry Organization Visits Our Institute
The Islamic Republic of Iran the Deputy Director of Arid and Semi-Arid Areas and accompanying experts visited our Institute Directorate on March 9, 2017 and then examined the conditions of Institute laboratories' and Behicbey Nursery.

Within the FAO-supported Islamic Republic of Iran Technical Cooperation Program, Iran Ministry of Agriculture Jihad the Deputy Director of Arid and Semi-Arid Areas, Talep AMINPOUR, the project coordinator, Hossein BADRIPOUR, and Shahram AHMADI from Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization of Fars Province attended a meeting held in our Institute's meeting room on March 9, 2017. Deputy Director of our Institute, Hacer SEMERCI, and Heads of Divisions attended the seminar.

Talep AMINPOUR mentioned the problems related to defoliation in Zagros Forests and insect damage in Buxus forests in Caspian Region and emphasized that as the Ministry, they would like to benefit from the knowledge and activities of General Directorate of Forestry (GDF) by conducting a joint-project in combatting against forest pests. Additionally, he stated that National Forestry Program and forest monitoring activities of GDF are excellence guide for the development of the National Forest Monitoring System for Iranian forests. He also said that they are closely interested in the socio-economic aspects of forestry and have been looking for the solutions to reduce the dependence of forest-people on forests. He stated that they would be pleased to welcome the experts from GDF in Iran by saying that joint-projects would be beneficial for both countries on this subjects.

It was also mentioned that it would be appropriate to combine the experiences of both countries in the issues on forestry activities in saline soils and arid areas. In addition, he invited to the meeting on "Forestry in Saline Soils and Arid Areas" held on May 1-12, 2017 in Tehran.

Deputy Director of our Institute, Hacer SEMERCI, stated that as the Institute, they would be happy to support joint-projects carried out by the institutions of both countries.

The group following to the visit the Institute's laboratories and Behicbey Nursery concluded the tour.