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Seeking New Projects within the Scope of "Adaptation of Mediterranean Forests to Climate Change" Continuing
Within the scope of the "Adaptation of Mediterranean Forests to Climate Change" carried out in a cooperation with the General Directorate of Forestry and WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Fund), the proposals for the adaptation to climate change have been developed and integrated in Konya Regional District (RD) forest management plans. It has been targeted to test innovative practices for restoration of arid and semi-arid areas, studies on soil conservation, increasing the resistance of ecosystem by using nature-friendly forestry activities.

It was deemed by the authorities that performing the adaptation measures reflected in forestry plans and other applications to be determined with projects partners in trial fields in the region and the contribution of Forestry Research Institutes to follow them up.

In this regard, our Institute Directorate and WWF-Turkey Bureau authorities have started to work on carrying out new projects. The 2nd meeting that our Institute Director, Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, and Selin DEVRANOGLU from WWF-Turkey and technical personnel of our Institute attended was held on March 2, 2017 Thursday at the Institute's meeting room.

At the meeting, ideas-exchange was done on the prospective projects on the adaptation of the forests within Konya RD territories to climate change. The meeting was completed following the decision on the new meeting to be held in March, 2017 and then a field tour.