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Ordinary Technical Committee Meeting of our Institute Directorate Held
​The Technical Committee Meeting of our Institute Directorate, in which "2016 Study Report and 2017 Study Program" were discussed, was held on November 29,  2016 in the General Directorate of Forestry (GDF) Sogutozu Campus 1st Floor Meeting Room.

Deputy General Director Dr. Ahmet IPEK, Head of Foreign Relations, Training and Research Department Musa KAYA, Director of Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, Director of Forest Tree Breeding and Seeds Research Institute Suleyman Isik DERILGEN, Regional Deputy Directors, Branch Directors, Deputy Head of Departments and researches were participated in the meeting.

Following the opening speeches given by the Directors of both Institutes, Deputy General Director, Dr. Ahmet IPEK, made a speech. In his talk, he mentioned that our country is targeted to raise the R&D budget to 3% within the Vision of 2023 by stating the importance given to the R&D in Europe and Turkey.

The presentation of three new projects planned to be included to the 2017 Study Program of our Institute Directorate were presented and discussed and the contributions were made to these project proposals. The Final Reports of two completed projects and the Interim Report of a completed project were presented.

Finally, "2016 Study Report and 2017 Study Program" of nine Divisions of our Institute were presented.