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Meltem KALAY GOKTEPE, Forest Engineer M.Sc., Gives a Seminar
Meltem KALAY GOKTEPE, Forest Engineer M.Sc., presented a seminar entitled "Birds in an Oak Forest in Turkey" on October 03, 2016, Monday in our Institute's meeting room.

Our Institute Director, Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, and technical personnel attended the seminar.

The title of this seminar was also studied as a graduate thesis. At the seminar, the selection of this subject for a thesis and the objectives of it were mentioned. The study was carried out in Isparta region as a similar work done by Swedish bird specialists. In the study, which species of birds preferred which species of tree for feeding and sheltering were examined. 29 bird species were detected in the field within the scope of the project. The size of the holes in cm on trunks preferred by these species for feeding were examined and evaluated statistically. Finally, the significance of such ecological studies for Turkey's forestry were mentioned. The seminar presentation was completed following the attendant’s questions and comments.

The next seminar will be about “Forest-Village Relations” on October 10, 2016 Monday in our institute meeting room. The seminar will be given by one of our Institute Researchers, Mehmet OZTURK, Agricultural Engineer.