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16th of Monday Seminars Given by Mehmet ERGIN
Mehmet ERGIN, Forest Engineer M.Sc., presented a seminar entitled “Estimation of Climate History by Dendrochronological Methods” on September 26, 2016, Monday in our Institute's meeting room.

Our Institute Director, Dr. Tuncay PORSUK, and technical personnel attended the seminar.

This seminar was started by explaining the basic principles and development process of Dendrochronology science. Examples done in the world and Turkey related to this subject and the working principles of dendrochronology were given. It was mentioned that during the global climate change it is important to obtain climate information regarding to past. Finally, the importance of the data obtained by the dendrochronological method on forestry practice was mentioned. The seminar presentation was completed following the attendant’s questions and comments.

The next seminar will be about “Birds in an Oak Forest in Turkey” on October 03, 2016 Monday in our institute meeting room. The seminar will be given by one of our Institute Researchers, Meltem KALAY GOKTEPE, Forest Engineer M.Sc.