Yaylacik Research Forest is a forest area separated from Yenice-Sariot sub-district forests in 1987. It is located between Karabuk and Yenice district. Its geographical coordinates are 400 59’ 03’’-‘’410 02’ 32’’ N latitutes, 320  06’ 32’’ – 340  32’ 21’’ E longitudes and its area is 5304 hectare. All the area except 58 hectares is covered by forests and this 58 hectare is glade. The lowest part of it is Elmaoren at an elevation of 700 m and the highest one is Kecikiran Hill at an elevation of 1654 m.
Main tree species are oak (Quercus spp.), beech (Fagus orientalis L.), black pine (Pinus nigra Arnold ssp. Pallasiana), scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), fir (Abies nordmandiana [Stev] Spach subsp. Bornmulleriana [Mattf] Coode&Cullen).
Apart from these, it has an important biodiversity with other herbaceous and woody species, and its fauna.  A  pine species which is known in public as ‘’Camiyanı black pine’’ is located here and this habitat race has a uniform stem, extensive heartwood and preferred from buyers. Yenice Forests covering the Research Forest is included in the Important Vegetation Areas of Turkey published by Society for the Protection of Wild Life. It was mentioned in a research conducted that this area has been divided into 3 vegetations; forest, pasture and brook, respectively and has 527 plant taxons, 282 of which  is  with the percentage of 15% in endemism. The first two places of these elements are occupied by Europa*Siberia (33%) and Auxin (13%).