Dr. Tuncay PORSUK

Institute Director

        Dr. Porsuk was born in Çankırı-Ilgaz in 1973 and completed his elementary, middle and high schools in Ankara. He graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Forestry Department of Forestry Engineering in 1996. In the sam​e year, he started his M.Sc. degree in Istanbul University, Department of Forestry Engineering Forestry Economics and took English preparatory class for one year. In 2000, he graduated from his M.Sc. degree with the thesis entitled "Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management Criteria and Determination of the Situation in Turkey". In 2003, he started his Ph.D. education at Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences Department of Social Enviromental Sciences and completed it with his dissertation entitled "Problems and Solutions of Allocation of Forest Resources for the Purpose of Tourism".

          Dr. Porsuk started his career in 1997 as Casual Engineer in Ilgaz Forest District Directorate with the title of Hizardere Forest Sub-District Director. In 1998, he was appointed as an assistant to Kastamonu Faculty of Forestry by taking the exam for a vacancy. In 2000, after three years of assistantship, he was appointed as an engineer to the Department of Geographical Information Systems in Ankara Directorate of Field Crops Central Research Insitute. He was then transferred to the Directorate of Central Anatolia Forestry Research Institute as an engineer. After having been the Head of Division and the Assistant Director at this Institute, he has been serving as the Director of this Institute since 21 March 2012.​