Conduct research on;
  • Determination of physical, mechanical and chemical properties of wood and wood-based materials, protection of these materials from biotic and abiotic factors and corroborating them,
  • Valuation of these materials in forest industry,
  • Ethnobotanical properties, chemical analysis and of non-wood forest products and determination of usage areas of these materials.
a. Wood Chemistry Laboratory
As well as diagnosis of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin which are main chemical compounds in this laboratory, quantitative analysis of extractive materials and ash diagnosis are done. Also, physical properties including moisture content, specific weight, surface roughness etc. and determination of calorific value of wood and wood-based materials are carried out.

b. Wood Technology Laboratory
Physical and mechanical tests of wood and derivatives of wood materials can be carried out according to relevant test standards in this lab. There are also hot press, chipping and sanding machines in the lab.

c. Paper Making Laboratory
The suitability of wood, non-wood, other discarded forest products, wood-based products, semi-finishing products, discarded industrial forest products and single or multi-year lignocellulosic fibrous materials for pulp and paper making are studied in this lab. These studies are carried out in accordance with national and/or international standards and testing methods.