It studies on forest regeneration and maintenance, forest botany and plant sociology, and also is responsible for arboretum and herbarium works. The main objective of Silvicultural works is to to obtain the highest quality and quantitatively versatile products with the least expense from forests, to create quality forests that consistently meet the demand for forest products of our country economy and are resistant to external influences. In the scope of forest botany, Arboretum and Herbarium activities maintain the viable, stable and observable memories of biodiversity throughout the centuries.
It was founded by Ismail Hakki , BOZAKMAN, Forest Engineer (M.Sc)  in 1959 within the body of Forestry Research Institute. The oldest-dated sample is Valonia Oak or Turkish Oak (Quercus ithaburensis subsp. Macrolepis) collected and identified by a researcher whose name is Zohary. It is registered in Index Herbarium with the abbreviation of "ANKO". There are 5830 plant samples available and this number is being increased day by day.
In our country, there are lots of herbaceous and woody plant taxons collected by domestic and foreign researchers. ANKO Herbarium has a thriving structure due to being included in Research Unit in terms of order and functioning. As well as scientists and researchers, persons of interest and ones who have curiosity in public can benefit from it.